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Baptistery Dangers: Is Your Church at Risk?

Every week in churches across America baptisms take place. Thankfully, the majority of baptisms go off without a hitch. Nevertheless, churches need to be aware of the dangers that accompany the mix of water, people and electricity that baptisms entail. Take this claim for example: During a dress rehearsal for an Easter play production, one […]

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Spring Cleaning Your Playground

Having playground equipment at your facility is a great way for children to get outside, run off some energy, and enjoy playing with other kids. Over the winter months, inclement weather can have a damaging effect on your playground equipment and the area surrounding it. To ensure your playground is safe and ready for use, […]

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Preparing for a Safe Easter

There are many factors to consider when preparing for larger crowds at your church.  Preparation is key in making sure both your property and your people are prepared for the big event. While you may already have safety and risk management procedures in place, think about the following ideas when reviewing those actions and getting ready […]

Leadership Safety

Four Proven Ways to Improve the Safety at Your Church

Throughout the upheaval of COVID-19, discussions of church safety have primarily focused on masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. But as churches continue to reopen and resume in-person programs for families and children – and with mass shootings continuing to undermine Americans’ sense of safety, and the legacy of past church violence still painful – now is an important time […]


Prepare to Prevent

Active shooter incidents have become a concern for all in recent years. These incidents occur without warning and quickly progress. Although they cannot always be prevented, organizations can take steps to help minimize the impact to their organization, employees or students. Having a plan in place to respond to an active shooter event is essential […]

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Enter Into Safety

Visitors and employees expect a safe environment when they enter your facility. Unfortunately, entrance areas are a common area for slips and falls. Church Mutual found that almost 20 percent of slips and falls at policyholders’ facilities are caused by wet or icy surfaces. A small amount of water can present a real slip problem, […]

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