Choosing Third-Party Vendors

August 1, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchNonprofit

Tags: Third-Party Vendors

Whether you need grounds maintenance, snow removal or transportation services, chances are your organization has to work with a third-party vendor. It is always a leap of faith to hire another company, especially if the people you serve will depend on that company as much as they depend on you. Here, Church Mutual offers some […]

When to Review Your Church Insurance Policy

July 18, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchInsuranceProperty and Casualty

Tags: Annual ReviewInsurance ReviewPolicy Review

“Is this covered?” Asking your insurance agent this simple question about your policy any time your church experiences a transition or change (or if it’s been awhile since you’ve reviewed your church’s insurance policy) can help ensure the church remains protected from loss and liability. During an insurance review, you and your agent will discuss […]

What Employees Want: On-Demand Pay

July 13, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: Human Resources

Tags: EWAInstant PayOn-Demand Pay

Payroll works the same way in almost every full-time job.  Employees earn money by working, and they all receive their earnings on a set date: payday.  However, in an era of same-day shipping, on-demand movies, and unlimited mobile access, individuals are increasingly expecting prompt access to nearly anything they need. For employees, this also means […]

Beat the Heat at Your Summer Events

July 5, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchNonprofit

Tags: HealthWellness

As summer continues, outdoor activities and events become a natural part of your organization’s programming. Although summer may be the best time of the year, it can also be the most dangerous. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, heat waves are expected to become more frequent, longer and hotter, posing a serious risk to time […]

Benefits Education 101 for Employees

June 29, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: Custom ContentEmployee BenefitsHuman Resources

Tags: Benefits EducationEmployee Benefits

Companies spend a large amount of time and money creating valuable benefits plans for employees.  But after all that work, they often get low participation.  Good benefit choices require an effort from employers to ensure that employees have help in understanding their benefits options.  To make things even more complex, employers are having to consider […]

Why Maintenance Matters

June 6, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: NonprofitSafety

Tags: MaintenanceRoutine Inspections

It’s easy to overlook property maintenance for a number of reasons, including busy schedules and tight budgets. But it can also happen just because staff members are so familiar with the property that they don’t recognize slowly developing problems or hazards. With regular facility maintenance, you can avoid injuries to people, damage to your facility […]

Keep Your People Safe When They Travel

May 31, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchNonprofitProperty and Casualty

If you run a nonprofit or other organization that works for the greater good, you might find yourself considering international travel. For example, members of your organization may want to bring food or medical supplies to other countries, participate in construction projects, provide educational services or have other reasons for traveling abroad. However, when they […]

Be Ready for the Next Storm

May 25, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchNonprofitSafety

Tags: Severe WeatherSevere Weather Plan

Whether it’s high winds, large hail, frequent lightning, or flash floods, severe weather has the potential to cause serious injury and property damage. Camps and conference centers in every state have the potential to face severe weather this season. Although severe weather occurs year-round, spring is a time to be on high alert. Now is […]

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