Mental Health is Wealth, So Start Saving Up Now!

May 17, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: Custom ContentMental HealthWellness

Tags: Mental healthMental Health Awareness

  “Suck it up,” “cheer up,” “snap out of it,” “but you don’t look sick”- these are just some of the phrases that well-meaning friends and family tell loved ones struggling with mental health issues. Research shows that one in five adults struggle with mental health conditions.  Mental health struggles include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, […]

Why Maintenance Matters

May 17, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: NonprofitSafety

Tags: MaintenanceRoutine Inspections

It’s easy to overlook property maintenance for a number of reasons, including busy schedules and tight budgets. But it can also happen just because staff members are so familiar with the property that they don’t recognize slowly developing problems or hazards. With regular facility maintenance, you can avoid injuries to people, damage to your facility […]

Preventing Theft in Your Organization

May 11, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchNonprofitProperty and Casualty

Tags: FraudFraud PreventionLoss Prevention

Intelligent. Hard working. Motivated. Dedicated. Valued. Trusted. These are the characteristics you would like for all of your employees and volunteers to possess. Unfortunately, they are also the characteristics the FBI uses when describing the profile of an embezzler. Theft or embezzlement at worship centers happens at facilities of all sizes, within all denominations and […]

The 4 W’s of Lifestyle Benefits

May 2, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: Custom ContentEmployee Benefits

Tags: Employee RetentionFringe BenefitsLifestyle Benefits

Com­pet­i­tive wages are no longer enough to sat­is­fy and sup­port val­ued employ­ees. Today, a vari­ety of ben­e­fits and perks play an essen­tial role in attract­ing and retain­ing talent. Lifestyle benefits, sometimes referred to as employee perks, are non-salary benefits given to employees to improve their overall lifestyle that go above and beyond standard medical, dental and […]

5 Tips to Save Money on Health Care: Part 1

April 25, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: Custom ContentHealthcare

Tags: Health Care CostHealth Insurance

Health insurance is essential to protecting your health but the high cost of coverage may leave you feeling sick.  Even after employers pick up a substantial amount of the cost, every year Americans spend thousands of dollars on healthcare while costs are continuing to rise. By taking certain steps, you can stretch your healthcare dollars […]

10 Essentials of Severe Weather Preparedness

April 20, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: Property and CasualtySafety

Tags: Emergency Response PlanSevere Weather

1 – Know the Risk Identify all potential severe weather risks for your location/facility. 2 – Have a Plan Develop a Severe Weather Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan. Review the plan annually and update it with any necessary changes. 3 – Assess Your Facility Identify areas in your facility that can serve as shelter locations. […]

What Employees Want: Hybrid Work and Flexibility

April 11, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: Custom ContentHRWork/Life Balance

Tags: BalanceFlexibilityHybrid WorkWell-beingWork/Life Balance

  2021 was quittin’ time in America.  Last year alone over 47.4 million Americans quit their jobs. This year, employees seemingly have the upper hand against employers.  The Turnover Tsunami, a.k.a. The Great Resignation, has forced a reckoning with the workplace and few employers have come away unscathed.  Organizations are now shifting priorities to make […]

Spring Maintenance of Parking Lots

April 6, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchSafety

Tags: Church SafetyNon-ProfitSmall Business

Prevent slips and falls with these parking lot safety maintenance guidelines. Winter has finally passed, and spring is upon us. However, while the cold weather may have moved on, it oftentimes leaves behind damaging effects to outdoor surfaces. Winter weather can cause damage to your parking lots in the form of potholes, cracks, and deterioration […]

Four Proven Ways to Improve the Safety at Your Church

April 2, 2022
by anchoradmin
Category: LeadershipSafety

Tags: SafetySafety Training

Throughout the upheaval of COVID-19, discussions of church safety have primarily focused on masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. But as churches continue to reopen and resume in-person programs for families and children – and with mass shootings continuing to undermine Americans’ sense of safety, and the legacy of past church violence still painful – now is an important time […]

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