Enjoy a Merry, Not Scary, Holiday Season

December 6, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: Safety

Tags: Church SafetyReligious Organizations

A fall, fire or other accident can take your holiday season from festive to frightening in a matter of moments, and these types of incidents tend to increase this time of year. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission shared that the holiday season averages about 200 injuries related to holiday decorating each day, and during the […]

Benefits 101: What Is Accident Insurance?

November 27, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: BenefitsCustom ContentEmployee Benefits

Tags: Accident Insurance

Accidents happen.  Whether you fall off a ladder, slip and break an arm, or get injured just living everyday life, an accident can happen.  Anytime.  Anywhere. What Is Accident Insurance? Accident insurance helps provide support when life’s most unexpected moments happen.  It makes an accident less painful financially because it helps to pay the bills […]

Using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

November 20, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: Health Insurance

Tags: Flexible Spending AccountFSA

If you have a health plan through a job, you can use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for health care costs, like deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and some drugs. They can lower your taxes. How Flexible Spending Accounts work A Flexible Spending Account (FSA, also called a “flexible spending arrangement”) is a special account […]

Revealed – Survey Responses about Employee Wellness and Benefits

November 13, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: BenefitsHealthMental Health

Tags: Employee BenefitsWellness

The connection between employee wellness and the benefits of the job might seem obvious. But the conversation should be more nuanced than merely a discussion about health insurance, access to mental healthcare like employee assistance programs (EAPs), and well-being apps to reach zen. Indeed, Human Resources professionals must reconsider their definition of benefits. It must extend to all the pros of […]

Baptistery Dangers: Is Your Church at Risk?

November 6, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchProperty and CasualtySafety

Tags: Safety

Every week in churches across America baptisms take place. Thankfully, the majority of baptisms go off without a hitch. Nevertheless, churches need to be aware of the dangers that accompany the mix of water, people and electricity that baptisms entail. Take this claim for example: During a dress rehearsal for an Easter play production, one […]

Want to Increase Productivity? Support Working Parents

October 23, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: Custom ContentWork/Life Balance

Tags: ChildcareCross-TrainingEAPsEmpathyFlexibilityRemote Work

As the flu and RSV season gets underway, companies are asking themselves how they can support employees who need to stay home to care for their children.  In fact, last October, 104,000 Americans missed work because of “childcare problems” – the highest total since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking the figure in 2003.  […]

Routine Maintenance Reduces Risk and Losses: Fire Safety

October 19, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchMaintenance

Tags: Routine Maintenance

We know that when you think of doing ministry, you’re probably not envisioning inspecting your roof, replacing filters, and making sure gutters are clear. But each of these tasks is part of keeping your building and grounds in order. A church that is taken care of can better serve its congregation the community. The last […]

Arming Your Staff/Security Guards

October 16, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: ChurchSafety

Tags: Armed IntruderCrime Prevention

Whether to arm a security detail at your organization takes a measured and thoughtful approach. Before making the decision whether to establish an armed security detail, the first step is to form a security team or committee. The security committee’s first task is to develop a comprehensive Organization Safety and Security Plan. Following the SafeChurch Church […]

Benefits 101: Premiums, Deductibles, Copays, and Out-of-Pocket Maximums

October 9, 2023
by anchoradmin
Category: Custom ContentHealth Insurance

Tags: CopayDeductibleOut-of-Pocket MaximumPremium

Not understanding benefits terminology is near the top of the list of ways that open enrollment and benefits selection can stress you out.  Open enrollment is coming quickly and soon you will be talking about benefit options. The world of benefits and insurance can be confusing. In-network, out-of-network, deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance? What? Let us […]

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