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Unethical Contractors Emerge After Disasters: Know How to Avoid Them

Natural disasters create opportunities for unethical contractors, and consumers need to be on the alert. Post-disaster repair scams typically start when a contractor makes an unsolicited visit to a homeowner and pressures the homeowner to pay the contractor their insurance claim money – then disappear without doing the work. Triple-I is teaming up with the National […]


Recognizing the importance of slips and falls on steps and stairs

Slips and falls on steps and stairs present can present a great risk of a fatal injury in any facility. An analysis of slip-and-fall losses reported to Church Mutual revealed that more fatalities occur on interior steps than any other area in our policyholders’ facilities. The majority of these falls, 90 percent, occur while descending […]

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Exploring Heart Health

Heartbreaks are painful, but did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, with more than 655,000 people dying from the condition each year. This equates to one in four deaths attributed to this awful disease. The most common form of heart disease is coronary artery disease (CAD), […]

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Sample Preventative Maintenance Schedule

This schedule provides a general guideline for maintenance/inspection frequencies for equipment often found in church facilities and is for informational purposes only. Please follow recommended manufacturer’s recommendations for the maintenance and upkeep of your church’s property. MAINTENANCE/INSPECTION FREQUENCY Review building codes and safety regulations Annually Fire code inspection Annually Fire alarm system NFPA 72 recommended […]

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Armed Security and Your Insurance Coverage

Armed security, concealed carry and insurance coverage can be tricky to navigate. Below are some helpful tips to help you decipher what type of security is right for you and what is likely to be covered on your insurance policy.Armed Security When you ask or allow individuals to carry a weapon on behalf of your […]

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Volunteer Safety and Management

Volunteers are the backbone of many nonprofits, houses of worship and other organizations that serve the greater good. It’s important, then, to keep them safe—and to make sure they are safe for your organization. One of the first steps is checking your level of insurance to safeguard your organization in the event of an illness, […]

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Enter Into Safety

Visitors and employees expect a safe environment when they enter your facility. Unfortunately, entrance areas are a common area for slips and falls. Church Mutual found that almost 20 percent of slips and falls at policyholders’ facilities are caused by wet or icy surfaces. A small amount of water can present a real slip problem, […]

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Important Tips for Men’s Health

We have certainly been focused on improving our health this year. June is Men’s Health Month and provides a great opportunity to focus on some simple tips that men can follow to shore up their health. These five guidelines will not only assist with a man’s physical health but also their mental health. Make Annual […]

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