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Summer and Day Camp Safety Matters – Recognizing and Responding to Allergic Reactions

Recognizing and Responding to Allergic Reactions   Nearly 50 million people across the United States have an allergy of some kind, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. As such, allergic reactions are a significant threat at any summer or day camp. While some reactions are accompanied by minor symptoms, others can […]

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Nonprofit and Faith-based Risk Insights: Protection for Nonprofit Organizations

Liabilities for the Board of Directors Nonprofit organizations provide essential social services that benefit communities and their members. These organizations cannot survive without a solid volunteer Board of Directors assigned to elect officers, adopt policies and make major financial decisions for the organization. Although the members of the board are volunteers, there is a certain […]

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Risk Insights – Protecting Donations at Religious Organizations

Donations or tithes are a critical part of operations at a religious organization. The money collected may be used to keep your organization afloat or give back to the community. While most people view their religious organization as a place of peace and trust, there are those who may take advantage of that atmosphere to […]

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Be Safe, Not Sorry When Live Streaming Your Worship Services

Sharing your worship services with a larger audience is easier than ever, thanks to live streaming. You can reach people who don’t attend your church, those who prefer an online faith community and members of your congregation who are traveling, ill or home-bound. If you currently live stream your church’s worship services, or are thinking […]

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Armed Security and Your Insurance Coverage

Armed security, concealed carry and insurance coverage can be tricky to navigate. Below are some helpful tips to help you decipher what type of security is right for you and what is likely to be covered on your insurance policy.Armed Security When you ask or allow individuals to carry a weapon on behalf of your […]

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Enter Into Safety

Visitors and employees expect a safe environment when they enter your facility. Unfortunately, entrance areas are a common area for slips and falls. Church Mutual found that almost 20 percent of slips and falls at policyholders’ facilities are caused by wet or icy surfaces. A small amount of water can present a real slip problem, […]

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What you Need to Know about Disciplining or Terminating an Employee

The prospect of corrective action or termination makes a lot of managers nervous. That’s understandable. For employees, being disciplined or losing their job can be anything from moderately embarrassing to financially devastating, but it’s rarely a happy occasion. For the employers, these actions always come with some risk, and there are plenty of legal danger […]

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