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What a great question!

I would certainly believe that true insurance professionals have enough vast experience and knowledge about their products to be able share stories and content about specific coverages, risk management, tips, claims, etc. Imagine how surprised I was when I searched online for North Carolina Insurance Blogs and found the top 4 results to be 4 different local North Carolina Agencies with EXACTLY the same blog and content! Wow!

First I was disappointed. Secondly, I wondered how much those agencies paid for the service to have a third-party post and manage their content. Finally, I wondered how they weren’t concerned about offering the same blog as their competitors? I understand sharing an insurance company’s posts on safety and reposting content from one of the carriers you represent, or from a reputable industry source. These were the same exact blogs, even the pictures. The only difference I noticed was that some didn’t even have an option for the reader to comment. I guess the service costs more if you have the provider monitor those for you.

When writing our blog, I aim to bring you fresh and relevant content based on personal and professional experience of myself, my co-workers, and our clients. I research the topics and I give an educated opinion or professional recommendations about many of them. Having been a licensed multi-line insurance agent for over 17 years, I feel pretty confident in doing so.

I will try not to bore you.  Really.  I understand that the general public is not as interested in insurance as I.  What I do know  is that everyone likes to understand what they are getting when they spend money, how to get the most for their money, and how to be properly protected. Plus I try to mix up the content to include local events and public interest, even some fun on occasion.

Please provide feedback.  Tell us what YOU want to discuss or learn about! Tell us about your experiences and testimonials!  Along with fresh and original content, all of our Blogs are published with the intent to invite comments, questions, and discussion.  Please do! We want to hear from you! 

And remember, as always.  Stay Covered North Carolina!

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