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Don’t Let the Cooler Weather Fool You

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Ahh… The cooler weather of October is upon us. Don’t let the mild days and chilly nights fool you into thinking the threat of severe weather is in hibernation!

October on the east coast has historically been a very active month for hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe storms. In fact, while North Carolina may have been spared, it was just two years ago in October when devastating Hurricane Sandy pummeled so much of the east coast.

Just after the hurricane season winds down in November, meteorologists and the farmers almanac alike are predicting a more severe winter than last year for North Carolina, with higher than average snowfall and ice.

As you are preparing for fall with pumpkins and fodder shocks, you are likely beginning your home maintenance and weather proofing for the season as well. While it is never a good time to allow your property go uninsured or underinsured, now is also a great time to speak with your agent to review your coverage.

If you don’t have home or renters insurance… GET IT NOW!

Until next time… Stay Covered, North Carolina!

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