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Becoming A Local In North Carolina

Having just moved to North Carolina a little over a year ago, from the neighboring Commonwealth of Virgina, my husband and I love opportunities to embrace all that this place we sought to call home has to offer. Our State Magazine  is a great resource along with all of the different locality’s social media, websites, and publications.

In an attempt to “become local” we have had a great time on weekend outings, spur of the moment adventures, and drop-ins where ever the local Facebook news feed tells us there is something going on!

We have learned more about BBQ than we thought there was to know. We have sampled a lot of it at notable establishments such as the Skylight Inn  and  Bums , both in Ayden,  Parkers original location in Wilson.

Besides the BBQ, we also have feasted on amazing seafood, produce, greens and of course smack your mama good cheese biscuits!

We have attended some terrific area events like the Winterville Watermelon Festival; the MCAS Cherry Point Air Show; and Bellhaven’s Waterfront 4th of July.  Coming up on the 18th we are looking forward to Smoke on the Water.

All of this and so much more, and we really have only explored the eastern part of the state! Each day we learn a new “old story”, local tradition, new trend and I just am not sure we will EVER get to “local” level! But we sure are having a blast trying!

If you are a NC Local, please comment and tell us what else we need to experience! Or share your favorites!

And as always Stay Covered, North Carolina!


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