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Not All Paint will Make Your Home Look Nice

You just did a new paint job on the exterior of your home and you are proud of the results. However, a week later you find that your home was the target of graffiti. What do you do? If vandalism occurs to your home, make sure you policy is updated so you have the proper coverage.

Painting the outside of your North Carolina home is a huge undertaking. However, once you complete the job, you may find a sense of accomplishment and relief. Your freshly painted home is exactly what you pictured for so long. But what if that image was ruined due to vandalism? This is a possibility, and if such an event occurs, it is important to contact the proper authorities and make a claim on your insurance as soon as possible.


Although it may be hard to believe vandalism could happen in your neighborhood, it is better to be safe than sorry. Recently, a number of homes in Raleigh were damaged due to graffiti. All of the crimes took place at night as homeowners were sleeping, thinking there was nothing wrong. But when they woke up in the morning, it was a different story. Raleigh detectives investigated 20 to 30 cases, in which they felt were gang related. The most common tagged areas included fences, signs, mailboxes, posts, and the exterior of houses. Power washers were used by city crews to try to remove the graffiti that could be seen from the street.

Was your home the target of graffiti? This can be a discouraging event, especially if you just remolded or repainted your home. However, having the security you deserve with Anchor Insurance Agencies may give you the peace of mind you seek. Our team will work hard to offer customized solutions while helping you attain your risk management goals. You deserve to have personalized insurance for your lifestyle needs, ranging from home, car, business, health, and more. So don’t hesitate, protect your family and everything else you love with the support of our agency.