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Halloween Home Safety Tips

As you prepare for the ghosts, goblins, princesses and warriors that will be converging on your doorstep Halloween night, buckets and pillowcases held out and the glow of sugar crystals in their eyes, take heed of a few safety tips that will ensure it’s all treats and no tricks.

  • Be sure the path to your door is well-lit with no obstructions.  You can still make the entry and yard festive or spooky, but having a clear path for little ones to follow, out of harms way, will reduce the chance of injuries.
  • Consider using battery operated tea lights rather than real candles for jack-o-lanterns or other light-ups. This will eliminate the potential for a flame catch on to your property, or any passing costumes.
  • Keep your pets indoors, crated, or in a fenced back yard. Your fur-baby may be friendly and harmless, but Halloween adds a heightened sense of fear in many little ones. Odds are, if they think they face to face with CUJO, they may be careless or even run off and injure themselves.
  • Stop at the doorway. Don’t invite the munchkins and/or chaperones into your home if you don’t know them. It’s unfortunate that there are people who take advantage of the kindness of others, but inviting strangers in, opens you up to potential false liability claims as well as allows them to get a good look at the treats you aren’t offering that they may want to help themselves to at another time.
  • Don’t forget that the porch or exterior light that is on is an invitation to the trick-or-treaters, once the candy is gone, or you are done for the night, turn those lights off.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween, and until next time… Stay Covered, North Carolina!


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