North Carolina! Stay Covered

Get Your Car Ready for the Cold!

Cold weather is fast approaching and the 2014-2015 Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a colder and SNOWIER winter for Eastern North Carolina than most are used to.

Predictions are that we will be in the path, and effected by, 8 major snow storms this winter!

If you have never made cold weather preparations for your vehicles in the past, you will certainly want to do so this year!

Here are some basic vehicle preparations and tips for the winter ahead:

  • Have your radiator serviced. Or check the antifreeze level yourself and add as needed.
  • Replace those windshield wipers. While you are at it, replace your wiper fluid with the wintertime mixture that won’t freeze and includes de-icer.
  • Check the tread on your tires. Adequate tread and appropriate tire pressure are life savers on slick roads. If you have been putting off the expense of replacing tires, it can wait no more!
  • Keep your gas tank near full during the winter. This prevents ice in your tank and fuel lines. Plus if you are stranded on the roads for some reason, you don’t want to run out of fuel!
  • Check your heater to make sure it is working properly. You spent the summer with the AC blasting, you don’t want to wait until you need it to find out if your heat is working.
  • Have your brakes and break fluid checked. With slippery roads, you shouldn’t be breaking hard, but will be applying light breaks, often.
  • Check your lights, signals, and flashers.  During white outs or lowered visibility conditions, you want to be sure you are seen!
  • Check that battery! A battery that is coming close to the end of its life will not last through the winter, and you don’t want to be left stranded in the cold.

Remember, if the weather conditions are bad, avoid getting on the road at all unless you have to!  At home with hot cocoa is much less stressful! And as always…

Stay Covered, North Carolina!

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