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Nonprofit and Faith-based Risk Insights: Managing Volunteers in Your Organization

As a nonprofit organization, most of your workforce is probably comprised of volunteers. These individuals devote their time and energy to help the community through your organization. Though these individuals offer their services without expecting compensation, they still require supervision to ensure that their jobs are done correctly. Furthermore, it is important for your organization […]

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Risk Insights – The Volunteer Protection Act

To promote volunteerism, the Volunteer Protection Act (VPA) was signed into law in 1997. This act pre-empts existing, looser state laws protecting nonprofit volunteers, encouraging the public to participate in social service. Overview of the Volunteer Protection Act The VPA protects volunteers against civil liability under the following conditions: The volunteer was acting within the […]

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Safety Matters: The Risk of Violence While Helping Others

While nonprofit organizations are working to help society, they are not immune to the danger of violence present in all workplaces. The risk of violence either involving an outsider or between two employees remains a serious safety and health issue—even in a nonprofit organization. Identifying Your Risk Although risk in nonprofit organizations depends greatly on […]

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Volunteer Safety and Management

Volunteers are the backbone of many nonprofits, houses of worship and other organizations that serve the greater good. It’s important, then, to keep them safe—and to make sure they are safe for your organization. One of the first steps is checking your level of insurance to safeguard your organization in the event of an illness, […]

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