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Risk Insights – Recreational Program Risks at Religious Organizations

Religious organizations are increasingly offering activities to engage children, teens and young adults. These activities may include recreational sports or church lock-ins, and they are often chosen because they can foster a sense of community. However, these activities also come with risks to both the children and your organization. Before planning a church lock-in or […]

Nonprofit Safety Volunteer

Safety Matters: The Risk of Violence While Helping Others

While nonprofit organizations are working to help society, they are not immune to the danger of violence present in all workplaces. The risk of violence either involving an outsider or between two employees remains a serious safety and health issue—even in a nonprofit organization. Identifying Your Risk Although risk in nonprofit organizations depends greatly on […]

Property and Casualty

Risk Management for the New Church Model in a Post-Covid World

Caring for the church and the Church 2020 produced many challenges for pastors and churches as we moved online or outdoors and reset our ministry expectations. Many churches went back to the basics of what it means to be the Church — with a capital “C” — finding this to be a refreshing time of […]

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