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Routine Maintenance Reduces Risk And Losses

Routine maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways your church can reduce the risks associated with having to file a claim. Now is a good time to do a maintenance sweep around your church campus that can not only make your church cleaner, but it will make it safer, too.

Start by identifying one individual who will be responsible for replacing the batteries in all smoke detectors and testing their function. This same person should also be responsible for checking that all fire extinguishers are fully charged and their inspection tags are up-to-date.

If your church has gutters, be sure they are clean in order to prevent trapped moisture and water backup, which can result in damage to your buildings. You should also trim back overhanging tree limbs as needed, as well as inspect all walking surfaces and grounds for debris and trip hazards.

Doing these things may not seem important at first, but you could prevent an accident that causes injury to a church member or visitor.

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