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Protect Your Mental Health with an EAP

Mental health isn’t just the absence of illness. It’s a continuum ranging from severe symptoms such as panic attacks and major depression to excellent mental strength and well-being.

Sometimes you’re not ill, but you aren’t well either – and you need help.  If you’re feeling down about work or a problem in your life and need to talk to somebody, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a great solution.

What is an EAP?

EAPs are mental health services available at work, and they can be beneficial in helping you work through problems.  An EAP provides voluntary, confidential services that help you manage personal difficulties and life challenges under the guidance of a professional counselor.

An EAP can provide counseling, support groups, and other resources to help you cope.  An EAP is usually offered 24/7, so you can always access it when you need it most.  These programs are usually an employee benefit offered by your employer at little or no cost to you.

Employee Assistance Programs aren’t just for crisis situations.  They can also provide advice and practical support for:

Health & Safety Concerns Financial & Legal Topics Work-Related Issues Relationship & Family Matters
✓ Stress, Depression


✓ Reducing Debt


✓ Job Stress


✓ Relationship Issues


✓ Substance Abuse


✓ Financial Worries


✓ Conflict at Work


✓ Parenting Issues
✓ Gambling Addiction


✓ Legal Matters


✓ Job Burnout


✓ Adoption Issues
✓ Domestic Abuse


✓ Budgeting ✓ Workplace Change


✓ Elder Care Issues
✓ Crisis & Trauma/

Grief & Loss


  ✓Work/Life Balance ✓ Separation & Divorce


The Bottom Line

EAPS offer free benefits like short-term therapy, stress management, financial counseling, and relationship support, among other services.  Even though they’re short-term, EAP benefits can help you to address issues that have been building up. The end goal of an EAP is to improve your well-being, using a plan that works for your unique circumstances.

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