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Coverage for Your Property is Necessary during Strong Storms

The strong storms of last week caused thousands to be left in the dark. In addition, the lightening, wind, and rain caused severe damages to many properties. If you were in the middle of the disaster, then you need the support of NC Homeowners Insurance as you rebuild.

Strong storms come and go, but do you want your home to disappear as well? Your family feels comfortable and safe on your property, so you must keep it that way. What if a large storm causes a power outage, resulting in downed trees and damages to your property? To avoid financial loss and displacement, have NC homeowners insurance in place to support you during covered accidents.


Due to the strong storms last week, thousands were without power. Winds reached 83 mph, which were what caused of the power outages for approximately 15,000 Greenville Utilities customers. Crews worked through the night and all major outages have now been repaired. Most of the outages occurred in the eastern part of the county. The largest concentration of outages was north of the Pamlico River where Tideland’s power supplier, Dominion Power, lost two transmission structures. Once transmission service has been restored, Tideland EMC will then be able to determine the extent of any storm damage on its own electric system.

Many residents were left in the dark this weekend. If you experienced damages to the exterior of your home, food spoilage, or water damages, then you need coverage you can trust. At Anchor Insurance Agencies, we are dedicated to safeguarding your entire family and assets. Therefore, rely on the support of NC homeowners insurance during large storms. This policy covers losses to the home, contents within the home, and even additional living expenses for the insurance holder. We can also offer great liability protection to cover incidents that happen at the home, such as when someone is injured or their property is damaged and the home owner is found responsible. So don’t hesitate, receive a plan that is personalized to your needs.