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10 Essentials of Severe Weather Preparedness

1 – Know the Risk
Identify all potential severe weather risks for your location/facility.
2 – Have a Plan
Develop a Severe Weather Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan. Review the plan annually and update it with any necessary changes.
3 – Assess Your Facility
Identify areas in your facility that can serve as shelter locations. Utilize highly visible signage that directs individuals to these locations and makes them easily recognizable in the event of severe weather.
4 – Have a Communication System
Ensure staff throughout the facility can easily communicate with individuals in the facility. Conduct regular testing of communications systems and maintain an up-to-date call list of emergency phone numbers and contact information.
5- Prepare the Organization and All Occupants
Train staff and volunteers on severe weather procedures and conduct periodic drills throughout the year.
6- Engage Local Law Enforcement and First Responders

Engage local response agencies such as police, fire and emergency management in organizational planning. Provide those agencies with facility maps and copies of your Severe Weather Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan.

7- Be Aware of Potential Threats
Heed all severe weather warnings and advisories and take appropriate action.
8 – Regularly Address Facility Maintenance
Inspect your facility’s roof, windows, doors and all emergency lighting to ensure they are functional, in good repair and able to withstand severe weather conditions.
9 – Have Emergency Supplies
Maintain fully stocked first aid kits, an adequate supply of blankets and plenty of batteries for flashlights and weather radios.
10 – Be Familiar with Facility Utilities
Identify all utility shutoffs and understand how and when to safely shut off service.
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