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Virtual Holiday Parties

Building camaraderie between your employees is essential for employee engagement and retention. In fact, employees with close work friendships report 50% higher satisfaction with their work, according to Gallup. Hosting parties for your office this season may not be possible, yet they are still important. We’ve gathered some fun alternative ways to celebrate together while apart this holiday season.


Gingerbread House Building Contest

  • Mail a box of the components to your team ahead of the party date.
  • Host a video call with background music while everyone constructs their house so they can see the progress of their co-workers’ build.
  • Post pictures of the finished houses on your company Facebook page and take votes for different categories. Your team can share the page with friends and family to try to drum up votes and, in turn, your page will get some new visits! Win-Win!
  • Send gift cards to winners to online merchants.

Virtual Holiday Bingo

  • Mail bingo cards and dobbers or stickers ahead of the party date.
  • Host a video call and ask your most outgoing and beloved team member to be the bingo caller.
  • Email e-card prizes to winners.

Winter Cocktail Party

  • Mail a “mix-kit” of cocktail components to your team ahead of the party date.
  • Hire a mixologist to teach via video call how to make a couple of cocktails with the ingredients you have sent out ahead of time.
  • *Optional: take votes on a short menu of cocktails to see which ones the team is most interested in learning how to make.

Virtual White Elephant Party

  • Some people consider a “white elephant” gift to be something chosen from their home that is still in good/new condition, a cheap purchased gift, or a joke gift. Make sure you determine what type you want people to give so that everyone prepares the same.
  • Have your team prepare their gift at their home ahead of time and take a picture of their item. Each person should email the pre-designated “Santa” the picture so he/she can prepare the game.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with images of gifts and follow the instructions on this site to host the party.

General Tips

  • Mail “party supplies” two weeks early.
  • Make a party playlist and share it before the party to get people in the holiday party mood.
  • Consider mailing party food such as flavored popcorn, chips, candy, and even a meal-delivery gift card for eating during the virtual event.

Even though we are apart this holiday season, there is no need for us to be disconnected. You can still be the “host/ess with the most/est” by preparing the best party for your team. Show them you care by spending the extra time and care to keep your team engaged during the holidays.

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