Church Nonprofit Sexual Abuse Training

Three Keys for Effective Abuse Prevention Programs

Seldom has a week gone by without a church, nonprofit or school making national news because of the sexual misconduct of one of their employees or volunteers. These allegations consume time and financial resources while destroying the organization’s reputation. Very few things can undermine the mission of an organization faster than the breach of trust […]

Sexual Abuse Training

Virtual Instruction – Navigating Online Resources and Child Safety

Gregory S. Love, Esq. Kimberlee D. Norris, Esq. April 17, 2020 Since mid-March, virtually all K-12 education is occurring remotely. In many ways ‘social distancing’ has limited the risk of inappropriate physical touch, while increasing the risk of inappropriate online communication. In the wake of Covid-19, how can schools and ministries mitigate the risk of […]

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